What Did Nathan Griffith Buy Jenelle Evans? Hint: It Has Four Wheels!
Credit: Nathan Griffith on Twitter    

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What Did Nathan Griffith Buy Jenelle Evans? Hint: It Has Four Wheels!

Real talk: we're officially jealous of Jenelle Evans — something that hasn't happened since the time she made out with Kieffer Delp in the booths of Planet Fun.

Jenelle's life has improved drastically in the past year; not only is she finally drug free, she's pregnant with a baby boy, and happily living with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith. Jenelle and Nathan have a pretty enviable relationship full of mini-golfing, tanning and trips to the gym, and it goes without saying that Nathan treats his baby mama like a princess. Not only does he act like a gentleman 24/7, but he recently bought Jenelle a brand new car!

"Thank u for buying me such a big present," Jenelle tweeted her man. "I love it. It looks so f––ing beautiful in our driveway."

So, what kind of car did Nathan buy his lady love? Girlfriend is being slightly cryptic about her new set of wheels, but it looks like they're 100 percent electric! "That's going to take getting use to...I don't have a gas cap on my car...Lol #Sketchy," Jenelle tweeted.

There are only a few fully electric cars on the market, and the two most likely options are a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf. Considering that Teslas are around $60K, we're thinking it's more likely that Nathan went with a Nissan Leaf, which starts at around $20K — a much more reasonable price for a daddy-to-be! Then again, Teslas have the highest safety rating in America, which makes them a great option for Jenelle's growing family….

Either way, this is an amazingly generous gift, and Jenelle is super grateful to Nathan. "I love him so much, omg!" Jenelle tweeted to a friend. "No one has ever done something this nice for me."

Jenelle is so lucky! But let's just hope her Ed Hardy seat covers fit on her new car, because otherwise, drama.

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