How Did Nathan Griffith Feel About Jenelle Evans’s Treatment Towards His Dogs?
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Jenelle Evans

How Did Nathan Griffith Feel About Jenelle Evans’s Treatment Towards His Dogs?

Things that happened to Jenelle Evans during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2: she said "dude" approximately 200 times, she cleaned up dog poop, she almost went into premature doggy-induced labor, and she incurred the wrath of thousands of Teen Mom viewers.

Jenelle had fans OMG-ing in shock and horror when she totally lost her cool during Wednesday's all-new episode — but who could blame her?

This girl was stuck at home taking care of two dogs and a child while her boyfriend chilled in the slammer, and said dogs were more than a little rambunctious. But did Jenelle go overboard by screaming at them, shoving them in a crate together, and threatening to get rid of them? Possibly.

Jenelle's already admitted that she took things too far with her pups (don't forget that girlfriend was high on crazy pregnancy hormones!), but some fans think her dogs should be taken away.

While Jenelle hasn't spoken too much about the incident, her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, hopped online to defend her tweeting, "I swear it pisses me off so f—ing bad seeing the love I cherish get trash so bad about my dogs."

Nathan admits that Jenelle wasn't exactly nice to the pups, but hopes fans can look past her behavior. "Yes it was unsat [sic] but she was f—ing pregnant, hormonal and depress that I wasn't there," he explained.

Every dog owner has bad days, and the important thing is that Jenelle managed to keep her cool with her son, Jace, despite dealing with her dogs.

Do you think fans should cut her some slack? Dish it below.