Doggie Drama: Jenelle Evans’ Dog Gets Stolen By Fan!
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Jenelle Evans

Doggie Drama: Jenelle Evans’ Dog Gets Stolen By Fan!

Let's start this week off right: by forming a prayer circle for Jenelle Evans' long lost dog, who was stolen by a deranged hater over the weekend [insert pearl clutching here].

So, what went down on the fateful night of July 11? Long story short, Jenelle and her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, came home to find their husky missing in action. "F––ing twitter hater stole Nathan's dog," Jenelle posted to Facebook along with screengrabs of tweets from said hater bragging about the theft. "Claims that he was 'stuck around a tree' when he freely runs around our yard. Then stalked our house, we come home Nathan's dog is GONE."

Luckily, the South Carolina police worked with the reality star to find her missing pup, and a report has been filed for felony larceny. "Cannot wait to move," Jenelle followed up. "SO SICK of being harassed on a daily basis, now robbing? This is insane."

It's shocking that Jenelle's dog was stolen (it's called a gated community, home girl), and she wants fans to know that she's absolutely not a negligent dog owner. "I leave the dog outside all night?! F–– no I don't..." she posted in the comments section of her original Facebook post. "He is on a chain link that's from tree to tree outside. He's a HUSKY/Wolf he he MEANT to be outside. Not to mention he is loud so since he is loud he isn't going to be barking all night disturbing the baby waking him up or my neighbors to call the police."

But don’t get your hopes up, folks, it turns out Jenelle and Nathan’s pup was found! “Yes nathan has his dog back, yes he was stolen,” Jenelle tweeted late Sunday night. “Legal action has been taken place.” We’re glad everyone is safe and sound and will definitely be following these dognapping charges.

Are you shocked that Jenelle's pup was stolen by a fan? Dish your thoughts below.

Source: Jenelle Evans on Facebook, Jenelle Evans on Twitter

07.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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