Nathan Griffith Calls Jenelle Evans a “F—king B—ch” in Shocking New Video
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Jenelle Evans

Nathan Griffith Calls Jenelle Evans a “F—king B—ch” in Shocking New Video

Teen Mom 2 may make it seem as though Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have a near-perfect relationship full of common interests — like yelling at Jenelle’s mom, taking selfies, and making babies — but behind closed doors, their romance is full of the volatility we’ve come to expect between Jenelle and her beaus.

In a shocking new video obtained by, Jenelle and Nathan get into an epic screaming match, making it seem as though their relationship may still have some major obstacles to overcome.

I catch hate on f—king Twitter and f—king Facebook because you’re Jenelle Evans I have to put up with that s—t. GET THE F—K OUT!” Nathan screams at Jenelle, who is capturing his tirade on a cell phone. “I don’t want to be with you.”

“You f—king lie … You act like a f—king b—ch to your kid,” adds Jenelle’s fuming boyfriend. “Grow the f—k up dude!”

While it’s unclear what started the epic feud, we have to give Jenelle points for remaining eerily calm while Nathan goes nuts on her.

Despite the damning video, Jenelle insists that there’s no trouble in paradise for the two lovebirds.

If u r wondering, yes we r still madly in love,” tweeted Jenelle.

Are you surprised by how Jenelle and Nathan treat one another once MTV’s cameras stop rolling?

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