Nathan Griffith Can’t Wait For Jenelle Evans to Take His Last Name
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Nathan Griffith Can’t Wait For Jenelle Evans to Take His Last Name

Hands up if you spent the night of June 10 in a celebratory food coma, and woke up surrounded by empty pizza boxes and your own tears? Right there with you, friends.

We've been celebrating good times since the news broke that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans had finally divorced her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers — talk about perfect timing!

In case you hadn't noticed (umm, impossible), Jenelle is nine months pregnant with her second child, and Courtland most definitely isn't the father. That would be Nathan Griffith, Jenelle's boyfriend of about a year who's been patiently waiting for his baby mama to become a divorcee so he can put a ring on her finger!

While Nathan and Jenelle haven't told fans when they'll take their relationship to the next step, Nathan recently confirmed that Jenelle won't be going by her maiden name (Jenelle Lauren Evans) for long.

"Man that sucks you won't have your maiden name that long..." Nathan tweeted to his future bride. "Ahh it sounds better as Griffith anyways!" Hmm, "Jenelle Griffith" does have a certain ring about it, but maybe Jenelley should keep her maiden name — you know, just in case.

Either way, it sounds like she and Nathan are looking to tie the knot sometime soon! When do you think they'll take the plunge and walk down the aisle? Let us know in the comments.