Nathan Griffith Wants to Join the Police Force — Watch the Bonus Clip! (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom 2

Nathan Griffith Wants to Join the Police Force — Watch the Bonus Clip! (VIDEO)

When Jenelle Evans's baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, first sashayed into our lives, he was working as a Frontliner for Wyndham Hotel. But then Nathan either quit or lost his job, and has since been accused of using Jenelle and her pot full of Teen Mom 2 gold.

Fans often wonder what Nathan gets up to in his spare time (you know, other than body building), and in a bonus clip from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, we finally learned that he plans on becoming a policeman. That is correct, frightened denizens of South Carolina, Nathan could be answering the phone next time you dial 911.

"If I stay clean, I'm looking about joining the police force in two or three years, after I get my education," Nathan mused to his BFF (who, by the way, is completely amazing in every way). "I already talked to the old captain of the police force, and they already said they'd put a paper of recognition for me."

This sentence makes little sense (bless Nathan's heart), but from what we can gather, some old timer in South Cackalacky is willing to put in a good word for him.

You'd think it would be hard (if not impossible) for this dude to join the force what with his colorful arrest record, but hey — crazier things have happened. Like Nathan's middle-aged polo shirt and khaki pants combo.

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Source: MTV