Nathan Griffith Criticized for Judging Pregnant Jenelle Evans’s Eating Habits
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Jenelle Evans

Nathan Griffith Criticized for Judging Pregnant Jenelle Evans’s Eating Habits

In case the belly button ring that says "Baby on Board" wasn't a huge giveaway, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is currently pregnant with her second kiddo, and she's almost ready to pop! Jenelle's due date is June 29, which means she has just a few more weeks left of pampering, binge-eating, and lounging before she dives head first into the wonderful world of dirty diapers.

And speaking of binge-eating, Jenelle's definitely been indulging her cravings throughout this pregnancy. Girlfriend eats up a storm and isn't ashamed to do so, but the folks at Starcasm noticed that her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, is somewhat shocked by her caloric intake.

This dude took to Twitter to lovingly poke fun of Jenelle by posting a picture of some cookies along with the caption, "Me: really?! Jenelle: what I'm hungry baby. Me: well eating like that kaiser just gonna jump right out of you!"

Though it's clear that Nathan's just teasing Jenelle, fans were quick to guzzle up the hate-orade and accuse him of being unsupportive. His response? "Where am I? At the gym!" he tweeted. "Where are you sitting on your momma's couch munching on something hating ppl on twitter! #getalife."

We understand why Nathan is defensive (he was clearly just joking around with his gal pal), but can't we all just get along? Sob! Plus, let's not forget that Jenelle has barely gained any weight during this pregnancy. She'll be back to her normal size in no time once she pops baby Kaiser out in a few weeks!

Do you think Nathan went over the line with his comments, or was he just playing around? Let us know below!

Source: Starcasm