Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Share Sneak Peek of Pregnancy Photoshoot (PHOTO)
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Share Sneak Peek of Pregnancy Photoshoot (PHOTO)

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is expecting her second child this summer, and the news recently broke that this girl is pregnant with a beautiful baby boy! Jenelle had initially planned to dish the news during a special pregnancy photo reveal, but In Touch beat her to the punch. Girlfriend is less-than-thrilled with the media stealing her baby thunder, but she went ahead with her plans, and chose to share images from her gender-reveal with fans. The results? Nothing short of adorable.

Not only did Jenelle take some truly romantic photos with Nathan (check out this girl's baby bump in that hot-white dress!), she showed off her bare belly complete with blue handprints all over it — revealing the baby's gender!

First of all, anyone who was doubting the veracity of Jenelle's pregnancy can go ahead and step to the left. This gal's bump is the real deal! Second of all, how sweet is it that Jenelle had Nathan and her son, Jace, put their handprints all over her stomach? We love the fact that she included her OG kiddo in this shoot — he must feel so special!

It looks like Jace, Nathan, and Jenelle are shaping up to be one pretty adorable family, and they're only poised to get cuter once Baby Kaiser makes his debut in summer 2014. We're so proud of this gal for turning her life around and stepping up to the mommy-plate!

Are you excited that Jenelle's having a boy? What do you think of her adorable photoshoot? Weigh in below!