Nathan Griffith Responds to Haters Who Called Him a “Deadbeat”
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Nathan Griffith Responds to Haters Who Called Him a “Deadbeat”

You guys, let's talk about Nathan Griffith, because we're worried about him. Bless the poor dude's little heart.nThis burgeoning Teen Mom 2 star has only recently been thrust into the spotlight thanks to his relationship with Jenelle Evans, and he's still getting used to having a army of haters.

Jenelle is one of the most controversial ladies on MTV, and being her boy toy isn't a walk in the park. Nathan has to deal with lurking twitter trolls on the regular, and apparently the internet has collectively decided that he isn't the brightest bulb in the park.

Psh, how wrong they are! Not only is Nathan currently in school, he has an Associates Degree in Science from Wake Tech Community College, and even studied Civil Engineering and Psychology at Coastal Carolina University. In other words, there's more to this hunk than his bulging biceps.

Sadly, most people on Twitter think Nathan spends all his time at the gym because he's an uneducated "deadbeat." Well, boyfriend took to Twitter to go on a rant about how weight lifting totally counts as science.

"How I look takes physical and mental pain endurance, motivation, perseverance, dedication and determination," Nathan mused after having a lengthy fight with his haters. "You don't get big by just lifting weights," he added. "There's a science behind it. Whether you want to get fit, ripped, big, or just strong as hell. It's a lifestyle."

Sounds about right. No one can argue that Nathan isn't motivated (just look at his undulating pectorals!), and he definitely has beauty and brains.

Do you think Nathan's haters are being unfair? This poor, delicate little lamb just needs some encouragement, guys!

06.13.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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