Nathan Griffith Slams Fans Who Claim He Doesn’t Have a Job
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Nathan Griffith Slams Fans Who Claim He Doesn’t Have a Job

When Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans started dating Nathan Griffith a year ago, he seemed like a stellar catch. This dude had an Associates Degree in Science from Wake Tech Community College, was working towards a Civil Engineering and Psychology degree, was a former Marine, and brought home the bacon thanks to a job as a Frontliner for Wyndham Hotel. Pretty impressive stuff!

However, Jenelle's ever-increasing fleet of haters began questioning Nathan after his appearance on Teen Mom 2, when Jenelle's mom accused him of being a freeloader who lived off Jenelle's income. While it's true that Jenelle has it made thanks to her gig with MTV, Nathan helps out with expenses as much as he can.

Sure, this dude didn't have a job as of May 15 (when Jenelle defensively tweeted, "My man might not have a job but he damn well served this country for 4 years and had deployments"), but it looks like times have changed.

Yep, Nathan recently hit up Twitter to angrily inform fans that he is, in fact, employed. "I wonder how I can afford a mk dress, charms, pay rent, our cell phone bill, and a car payment with no money and no job," he mused. "#imbeciles."

Well, that settles it! Who knows what Nathan's current gig is (Professional Muscle Flexer, perhaps?), but we're happy that he's making an income. After all, Jenelle's expecting a baby any week now — this happy family needs all the extra dough they can get!

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