Nathan Griffith Opens up About His DUI Charges on Twitter
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    

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Nathan Griffith Opens up About His DUI Charges on Twitter

Praise Beysus, Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith is officially out of jail following an 11-day incarceration for charges stemming from his 2013 DUI arrest. Phew, what a load off — now we can sleep at night! Nathan was booked in the slammer for resisting arrest, interfering with and threatening an official in the Performance of Duty, giving a false name and address, driving with a suspended license, and driving on the wrong side of the road. But what about the DUI itself?

There have been conflicting reports that Nathan's charges for driving while intoxicated were already dropped, and he's finally taken to Twitter to offer his two cents on the subject. The problem? His tweets are somewhat hard to decipher — probably because he's super brilliant and our mere mortal minds are no match for his.

"Here's a note 1 DUI .09 one I pleaded even though the police told me to go to jury .09 and one got disposed! Note all traffic violations!" Nathan tweeted.

He then added, "Oh btw the one I pleaded my car was parked two blocks away and I had a TWO DD my sister and my old best friend!"

It looks like Nathan is saying that he pleaded guilty to one of his charges, and the other was disposed. In any case, it's clear that he's learned his lesson and definitely won't be getting into the car after drinking. Let's not forget that Nathan and his baby mama, Jenelle Evans, are expecting a baby later this summer — we can't have Lil' Kaiser growing up with an inmate for a father!

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