Nathan Griffith Teaches Jenelle Evans Math!
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    

Jenelle Evans

Nathan Griffith Teaches Jenelle Evans Math!

You guys, Nathan Griffith is so multi-talented. Not only is this former military man a champion MMA fighter, he's a professional wearer of man-tanks, knows how to ride horses, is super-adept at wearing tiny panties in internet ice challenges, and — this just in — he's amazing at math.

Turns out that Nathan is basically a super-genius, and he's putting his smarts to good use by helping his gal pal, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, out with her homework.

Jenelle's currently in the process of getting her medical assistant degree, and girlfriend pretty much spends all her waking moments doing homework (when she isn't taking care of her newborn baby, that is!)

Unfortunately, it seems as though Jenelle has to learn something horrifying called "math" in order to graduate, and she's in slightly in over her head. Which brings us to resident smarty pants, Nathan. "Thank god [Nathan] helped with ally Geometry..." Jenelle tweeted. "He's my life saver !!!!!"

To misquote Vanilla Ice, you got a problem — yo, Nathan will solve it. Who knew this dude was so intelligent! Way to find yourself the perfect man, Jenelle.

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