Naya Rivera on Heather Morris’s “Adorable” Pregnancy and Baby Shower
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Naya Rivera on Heather Morris’s “Adorable” Pregnancy and Baby Shower

Are you wishing you had been invited to Heather Morris’s (Brittany) baby shower over the weekend? Fret not, as her Glee co-star Naya Rivera (Santana) is spilling all the details about the joyous occasion! All that’s missing is a chance to taste those delicious-looking baby-themed cupcakes. Sadly, we can’t help you there.

“It was so fun it was awesome, and she’s so cute,” Naya tells Perez Hilton about Heather’s shower. “She just looks adorable. She just looks the same, except someone stuck a huge belly on her everywhere else, you’re like, ‘You’re not pregnant.’” Yet another reason why having a dancer’s body pays off.

“But it was a blast, and her family was there, and everyone was just really excited,” Naya continues. “I can’t wait to meet her baby!” You and us both, Naya.

Naya was asked to name her favorite Season 4 moment, and she had trouble choosing, since she said the season had so many downer moments. Finally, she managed to pick out one highlight.

“I really like the moment in the last episode, actually, when we knew that Brittany was going away, and it was sort of like a really sad vibe — and Santana showed up and just took her hand and walked her off,” she says. “I thought that was sweet.”

Uh-oh! The only problem with reminiscing about Brittana moments is that we’re going to start bawling as we realize that Heather is basically gone from the show, so Brittana moments are a thing of the past. Why must you do this to us, Glee?

Source: Perez Hilton

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