Credit: Big Sean on Instagram Photo: Big Sean Poses With Rihanna

Naya Rivera (Santana) and rapper Big Sean called of their engagement a few months ago, and at the time Big Sean released a statement that seemed to indicate the pair were at least going to try and work through their differences. “It is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately,” Sean’s statement said in part.

Several weeks ago Naya was spotted wearing a diamond necklace that her former fiancé gave her, but we doubt that it was a sign of a reconciliation. Instead we theorized that Naya just wanted some ice to go with her outfit so she chose to wear a stunning necklace that happened to be a gift from an ex.

For his part, Big Sean has stayed mum on Naya and their breakup, so new photos showing him getting close with one of the biggest names in music today are especially interesting. The Finally Famous rapper has been hitting the recording studio lately and in the past day he’s posted not one but two photos with Rihanna.

Credit: Big Sean on Instagram Photo: Big Sean, Rihanna, and Others in the Recording Studio

In the first photo RiRi’s got her hand on Big Sean’s shoulder and she’s blowing the camera a kiss as Sean flashes a sly smile. The caption isn’t very descriptive — it simply says “2014” — but that didn’t stop tons of Sean’s followers from speculating that music from these two is on the way.

In another photo, a group shot, Big Sean stands next to Rihanna as she covers her face. There are two guys on her other side but we’re not exactly sure who they are. Big Sean captioned this gem, “My niggaz #FinallyFamous #FFOE.”

Like we said, this is probably nothing more than a musical collaboration, but if Big Sean is working on new tracks then maybe one of them will hint at what went wrong in his relationship with Naya since we really don’t know anything specific. One can hope, right?!

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