Abby Sciuto

Defining Quote: Just remember, McGee, I am one of the only people, in the world, who can kill you and leave no forensic evidence.

Occupation: NCIS forensics specialist, lab rat

Though Abby only infrequently shares details about her past, we know that she can communicate via sign language because her parents were deaf. Even though she is rarely seen without Caf-Pow!, a caffeine-infused soda, Abby’s NCIS colleagues would say that she is naturally upbeat. Wicked-smart in the lab, Abby is often her own worst critic. She is an affectionate person, regularly dispensing hugs, and is very special to Gibbs, who not only has an unfailing faith in her professional judgment, but harbors an almost fatherly love for her. Abby’s quirky and loving nature and forensics brilliance keep her team closely knit and highly effective.

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