Have you ever wondered what lipstick Abby wears on NCIS? Better yet, pondered over how she achieves that kissable pout that would have made Marilyn Monroe consider going Goth? We’ve cracked the code to achieving deep red Abby lips and found a color that looks identical to Abby Scuito’s lipstick! Read on…

1. Start by applying a thin layer of non-waxy lip balm and giving it a minute to be absorbed. This will prevent the matte lipstick from clumping and keep your lips hydrated.

2. Using a velvety lip liner like NARS lip pencil in “Marnie” ($20), follow your natural lip line, or even just inside your natural lip line. Shade in the rest of your lips with the pencil, which will make the lipstick stay on longer and prevent feathering.

3. Take a dark red matte lipstick that is close to the same color or even a little lighter than the liner, like NARS lipstick in “Tamango” ($24). Blend the colors together with a lip brush.

4. To achieve full Abby-liciousness, make sure the line around the lips is a hard line. If need be, use a flat make-up brush with a little foundation to fix any flaws.