Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Photo: Gibbs at the Plane Crash Site on NCIS Season 9, Episode 8: "Engaged"

Prepare for an "engaging" two-parter of NCIS, set to kick off next Tuesday at 8/7c.

In "Engaged," the team investigates the crash of a Marine transport plane — but things take a bizarre twist when they can't locate one of the bodies that was supposed to be on the flight.

NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg dished to TVLine, "We're very proud of 'Engaged,' Parts 1 and 2 because of the complex, heart-wrenching story they tell, our attempt to depict and honor the bravery of the Marine Corps, and the insight viewers will gain about Gibbs and his early days in the military."

The episode flashes back to Gibbs's time in the Marines. Mark Harmon explained, "So much of what we do — and certainly when we do the flashback stuff — is meant to give more definition to the characters and answer some of the questions people have."

As in previous episodes, Harmon's real-life son will play younger Gibbs. "It was especially fun bringing back Sean Harmon," Glasberg gushed. "He shares a certain sparkle in his eyes that must be in the Harmon blood."

Source: TVLine

Credit: YouTube Photo: NCIS Season 9, Episode 8 Preview: A Plane Goes Down, a Marine Goes Missing on "Engaged" (VIDEO)