Ziva David

Signature Quote: American idioms drive me up the hall!

Occupation: NCIS Special Agent (former Israeli Mossad Liaison Officer)

Calm under pressure and almost impossible to rattle, Ziva is a highly skilled spy, due to her tenure in a special operations unit of the Mossad that specialized in conducting assassinations, paramilitary operations, acts of sabotage,  and psychological warfare. She has plainly stated that she can assassinate a person 18 different ways using just a paperclip. Her propensity for resorting to force to apprehend suspects can get her into trouble. Occasionally aggressive and competitive, as well as extremely mistrustful of others, Ziva has a caring side to her that she shares with only those few she allows close enough to get to know her. Her father, Eli David, is the Director of Mossad, and to say she has daddy issues based on her complex relationship and history with him is an understatement.

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