Nebraska Teen Denied Abortion Because She’s Too “Immature” — Do You Agree?
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Nebraska Teen Denied Abortion Because She’s Too “Immature” — Do You Agree?

The United States government might be in the midst of a shutdown, but controversial news stops for no one! This week, a teen in foster care was denied access to an abortion after the Nebraska Supreme Court decided that she wasn't mature enough to make such a weighty decision — essentially stripping her of "the right to choose" in the process.

The teen in question (who has remained anonymous) is just 16-years-old — the same age MTV's Teen Moms were when they delivered their kiddos on 16 and Pregnant. Almost all these ladies chose to go through with their pregnancies, but that doesn't mean abortion wasn't a possibility. Teen Mom 3's Briana Dejesus is on the record saying that she considered having an abortion, and 16 and Pregnant's Jamie McKay aborted her second pregnancy.

The important thing is that Briana and Jamie both made their own decision — even though these decisions were vastly different.

Meanwhile, the Nebraska teen had to ask a judge for permission to obtain an abortion without parental consent, and the judge denied her access. According to ABC news, the judge asked if she understood that an abortion would kill the fetus, and if she would "rather do that than to risk problems with the foster care people" she lived with. She answered yes to both questions and the court ruled that she wasn't mature enough to make the decision due to the fact that she doesn't have work experience, is financially dependent, and has never lived on her own. Which ironically seem like reasons not to have a baby.

No matter how you feel about abortion, it seems problematic that a 16-year-old is being told what to do with her body by a court system. Do you think the young woman in question had the right to make her own decision like Briana and Jamie did, or do you agree that she's too immature? Hit the comments!

Source: ABC

10.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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