Neil Lane Says Juan Pablo Seemed Ready to Propose in St. Lucia
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The Bachelor

Neil Lane Says Juan Pablo Seemed Ready to Propose in St. Lucia

Marriage seemed to be the last thing on Juan Pablo Galavis’s mind during Monday night’s “After the Final Rose” special, as he made it clear that he wasn’t anywhere near ready to propose to Nikki Ferrell. However, engagement ring designer Neil Lane claims Juan Pablo was singing a different tune when he picked out his ring for Nikki back in St. Lucia in November 2013.

When Juan Pablo gave Nikki his final rose in St. Lucia during the Season 18 finale, he told her about a ring he had picked out to give her… but never showed it to her. Now, Neil Lane tells People that Juan Pablo seemed to be all set to propose when the two met up to choose the perfect ring.

Juan Pablo was very enthusiastic and very focused about picking out a ring," Neil says. “He was talking to me like a guy who is about to propose would talk, and he seemed to take it very seriously.” Neil adds that JPG told him that he “had found the right girl.”

Hmm. So, what do we make of this? We suppose it’s possible that Juan Pabs was indeed ready to propose when he met with Neil, and that something caused him to change his mind and get cold feet. However, it seems far more likely that Juan Pablo who is a fan of telling people what they want to hear pulled the wool over Neil’s eyes. It wouldn’t be the first time, since he somehow managed to convince Bachelor producers he was going to be a halfway decent Bachelor. (Zing!)

And speaking of that ring, where is it now? Well, a source says that producers have taken it back from Juan Pablo, and that, if he decides to propose to Nikki in the not-too-distant future, they’ll happily give it back to him. But if he waits too long, he’ll apparently need to pony up for his own ring.

Call it a hunch, but we have a feeling ABC is going to get to keep that ring…

Do you think Juan Pablo was just pretending to be interested in getting engaged? And do you think he’ll ever propose to Nikki?

Source: People