Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes: It Wasn’t Fair to Ask Porsha Stewart to Leave the Reunion! (VIDEO)

Did it bother you when Andy Cohen asked Porsha Williams to leave the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on Sunday night? Well, you weren’t alone. In fact, even Porsha’s co-star NeNe Leakes found that move by Andy (and Bravo) to be unfair, and she’s not afraid to say it.

NeNe stopped by Arsenio this week to talk about RHoA and her time on Dancing With the Stars. The host, who’s clearly been just as preoccupied with the drama of the Porsha-Kenya Moore fight as we have, asked her to weigh in on rumors some of the cast members — namely Porsha — are getting fired.

“Do you think they would let Porsha go for this?” Arsenio asked, before pointing out it’s not the first time violence has been featured on the show (i.e. the notorious Apollo Nida-Brandon DeShazer brawl at NeNe’s Pillow Talk party).

“The guys are not under contract,” NeNe clarified. “Only the girls are.”

Arsenio took that to mean there must be a “zero tolerance” policy for violence in the women’s contract, but Mrs. Leakes denied that, stating, “I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere” with a sly smirk.

The late-night legend was surprised by her answer, and asked NeNe, “So is fair to fire Porsha?”

“No, it’s not fair to fire Porsha,” the Atlanta Queen Bee insisted — and it’s not just the potential casting change of which NeNe disapproves. “Actually, I didn’t think it was fair to ask Porsha to leave the reunion. I thought if she left, Kenya needs to leave. I felt they both needed to go.”

The lady has a point! Now clearly, Kenya was on the receiving end of the physical attack, but she was just as participatory in the verbal spat that led up to Porsha’s breaking point. And NeNe has a great metaphor for the situation:

“It’s one of those things… you know if you’re in a car accident, say you slam on your breaks and I hit you from the back, I’m at fault. But you hit the breaks!”

Do you agree with NeNe that Andy shouldn’t have sent Porsha home alone? Tell us in the comments below.