NeNe Leakes Makes Cynthia Bailey Cry — What Does She Say? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Makes Cynthia Bailey Cry — What Does She Say? (VIDEO)

We’re still a little shell shocked from NeNe Leakes’s revelation on Sunday night that she and Cynthia Bailey are “not cool anymore.” The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars have been thick as thieves for years, and we didn’t think anything could break their alliance. Now, we’ve got a sneak peek at the Season 6 reunion next week, which is where their friendship seems to officially crumble.

According to NeNe’s one-on-one with Andy Cohen, things first turned sour when the episode where she called Cynthia’s hubby Peter Thomas a “bitch” aired.

“It brought up old feelings and she stopped calling me and I stopped calling her,” NeNe recalled to Andy. “When we got to the reunion episode, she started acting like she was an innocent victim.”

Said reunion is also where Cynthia “aligned herself with the enemy,” said NeNe. In other words, she was associating with NeNe’s foe Kenya Moore, who is seated next to her on the couch in this preview. Though we don’t witness Kenya and Cynthia bonding, we do see the following exchange go down between the former besties:

“You were the first one to say ‘You never win when you play dirty,’” Cynthia directs at Nene.

“Whatever, Cynthia. Throw your little shade,” NeNe throws back, dismissively.

And next thing you know, Cynthia is in tears! There’s likely lots more to this exchange, but it pains us to see these former close pals hurt one another so!

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