NeNe Leakes Defends Porsha Stewart: “When Is It Okay to Bully Someone?”
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Defends Porsha Stewart: “When Is It Okay to Bully Someone?”

Viewers were shocked as the highly-anticipated fight between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams took place during Part 1 of the Season 6 Reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta on April 20. In the aftermath of the brawl, people are starting to take sides and that includes the show's biggest star, NeNe Leakes. Not surprisingly, NeNe is Team Porsha all the way.

The Dancing With the Stars contestant took to Twitter to rant about what went down during the reunion taping. She was so fired up and typing so fast that she could barely get out her main thought, which was that props — like Kenya's scepter and megaphone — should be banned from reunions.

"This is what happens when u hire ppl 2 be on the show who has NOTHING 2 lose & will do anything for 2$. Bring props should b again all rules," she wrote, soon after reiterating, "Props should NEVER 2 ALLOWED."

She then made her position clear on the feud, posting, "NOT @Porsha4real fault! She was provoked the same way she tried provokin me by pullin my ear n episode 1. Maybe I should press charges."

Later, she took to her own website to share her thoughts on the incident, citing all of the times during Season 6 when Kenya tried to instigate her into a fight, like when she pushed her into appearing at the charity event and when she brought Marlo to the Bailey Bowl.

"When is it 'okay' to BULLY someone, then question retaliation? Should there have been a halt to the foolish antics? Should PROPS be allowed in situations such as this?" NeNe asked her fans.

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