Did NeNe Leakes Just Insult Kim Kardashian?
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NeNe Leakes

Did NeNe Leakes Just Insult Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian is presumably still on cloud nine after getting engaged to Kanye West last week. But did NeNe Leakes just send a little shade over to Kim's cloud?

It's a little hard to know how to interpret NeNe's recent tweet, but it's unmistakably directed at Kim, who has been proudly sporting a 15-carat engagement ring from Kanye since his proposal on October 21.

"I see these girls are taking a page out of the Nene Leakes book by rocking 15-carat diamond rings," NeNe tweets on October 28.

Did NeNe Leakes Just Insult Kim Kardashian?
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Hmmm. So what do we make of this? Clearly, NeNe is referring to her own engagement ring from Gregg, which is also 15 carats.

So is NeNe saying that Kim is copying her? Or does she not like Kim's ring? It does seem that NeNe is using the word "girls" in her tweet to talk down to Kim.

That said, we know that NeNe and Kim are friends and have hung out together in the past. So maybe NeNe is just joking around and is only pointing out that their rings are similar.

Either way, we can't imagine Kim will be too hurt by this, even if NeNe did intend the comment as a jab. Indeed, Kim has said that she absolutely adores her ring.

"It's been on all the time," Kim said recently about the engagement ring. "It's been on when I'm at the gym. It's been on everywhere."

So we'd like to think that everyone can enjoy their own 15-carat rings and not worry about everyone else's.

Source: NeNe on Twitter