NeNe Leakes Is Furious — Who Is She Mad At?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Is Furious — Who Is She Mad At?

Oh, snap! NeNe Leakes is fuming mad and she's not holding back. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to Twitter to vent her anger, and she is more upset than we’ve ever seen her. Although she didn't specify who she's talking about exactly, we can only imagine that there is just one person who could possibly be the recipient: Kenya Moore, of course.

Check out NeNe's message below. Warning: There is an alarming use of the caps lock in what you're about to read.

"It's really horrible when somebody has 2 go public & tell a VICIOUS, RUTHLESS, COLD HEARTED LIE on u! U are DEAD 2 me," Nene wrote.

So what is this vicious, cold-hearted lie? We can only think of one thing that would incense NeNe this much. Most recently, Kenya has been insinuating that NeNe might have been high on something the night of the infamous Pillow Talk party. We can see why NeNe would be seeing red after being accused of doing drugs.

Earlier this week, Kenya tweeted, "I wish @BrandonDeShay would take a screenshot and post the many texts from nene #showthereceipts #dontrememberthingswhenurhigh #RHOA."

Even though NeNe clearly had a moment where she lost control of her emotions, she hasn't mentioned anything else since her outburst and even agreed with one of her followers that negativity won't get her anywhere.

When the fan told NeNe to not even bother entertaining negative energy, NeNe responded, "Get me together hunni! U right ❤️."

Do you think NeNe's angry Tweet is aimed at Kenya? Sound off below!