NeNe Leakes Calls Kandi Burruss “Ignorant” — But Why?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Calls Kandi Burruss “Ignorant” — But Why?

Haven’t the Real Housewives of Atlanta couples learned by now that “laying things out on the table” is never a good idea? Apparently not, as they trudged up that cruel honesty game again on Sunday night’s March 23 episode — thanks to Kenya Moore’s prompting — for the final night of the Mexico trip.

Kenya had the group pass around a bowl with questions, in her own little version of Truth or Dare. Seriously, is this a sleepover filled with 13-year-olds? Oh yeah, we forgot, they did have a pajama party a little while back…

Anyway, NeNe Leakes picked out a slip of paper that asked her to name something that annoyed her about another couple in the room. This was right after Porsha Williams had just said that she enjoyed wild sex with younger men, and slow love-making with “older men” (aka 40-somethings). And you better believe NeNe was insulted by that.

“The one thing I’d have to say, and this has to do with Porsha, I’m annoyed by ignorance,” she said to the 32-year-old rookie. “For instance, making a statement that older men don’t have sex or don’t have it enough. Please educate yourself before you speak.”

But NeNe wasn’t done calling out people just yet. Seemingly out of nowhere, she shifted gears towards Kandi Burruss and her a comments she made a while back about whether or not NeNe still had her, ahem, lady cycle. This, too, is “ignorant,” she explained.

“That wasn’t ignorance, that was just a misunderstanding,” Kandi responded bewildered. “I didn’t know you still had your period.”

“It’s ignorant that someone in their 40s is menopausal … I could get pregnant tonight!” NeNe snapped back.

Kandi’s fiance Todd Tucker was not just going to sit idly by while his lady’s integrity was called into question. “Timeout. I think it’s all about delivery. People can accept things when it’s delivered properly. When you say ignorance, and then you’re talking to me it’s like you’re saying that I’m ignorant. It’s okay to school me, but don’t talk down to me and then school me.”

“If you don’t like the way I said it, that’s your problem. But it ain’t going to change,” NeNe fired back, unwilling to change her mind

Of course, that little tiff got overshadowed moments later by Apollo Nida’s strange thoughts on infidelity (“everybody cheats!”), but we’re still reeling a little bit at this sort of absurd conversation. Did we really just watch a group of grown adults argue about one woman’s menstrual cycle? Excuse us while we got read some leather bound books…

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