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NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton: Friends No More? (VIDEO)

Uh oh — looks like there’s trouble in paradise for former BFFs NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton. Just a few months ago, we watched as Marlo joined NeNe on the altar as a bridesmaid in her wedding. But in tonight’s February 23 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we watched their friendship completely crumble.

Marlo and Kenya Moore have been showing off their budding friendship recently, showing up to Peter Thomas’s birthday party and then joining forces for Team Twirl in Cynthia Bailey’s Bailey Bowl event. And that surprising new alliance is not sitting well with NeNe.

“There’s certain lines that people cross, and then I don’t f— with them again,” NeNe says after seeing Marlo join Kenya’s team. Uh oh, trouble was definitely a-brewing.

Marlo was clearly trying to get back onto her former pal’s good graces, even though she wasn’t invited to be on NeNe’s Team Rich. She runs over to try to jump on her and goof around, but Mrs. Leakes shoves her right off, saying, “Get the f— off me, b—!” and throwing a water bottle at her.

From there, Marlo goes on the defensive shouting after NeNe as she walks away from her. “You’re stupid and really dumb as f—! You are insecure… Tell the whole of Atlanta why you’re not talking to me — because I’m Kenya’s friend?”

Gregg continues to escort NeNe away, and though Marlo tries to provoke her by insulting her ‘do — that “Donald Trump hair” comment was way harsh — and telling her she “doesn’t know the definition of a friend,” NeNe is having none of it.

“I know when someone wants a reaction out of me,” she says to the Bravo cameras. “Therefore, I choose to take a different route.”

One thing’s for certain, it doesn’t appear that these two will be mending fences anytime soon. “It’s disappointing when you have been a friend to somebody and it’s not reciprocated. I’m not the kind of person you can take advantage of,” NeNe says.

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Source: Bravo