NeNe Leakes and Peter Thomas Face Off Over Kenya Moore — What’s NeNe’s Issue? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes and Peter Thomas Face Off Over Kenya Moore — What’s NeNe’s Issue? (VIDEO)

We’ve seen a number of people get into it over the last few episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta — and things reached an all-time drama high when Kandi Burruss threatened to “f— up” Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas in last week’s episode. But in tonight’s February 16 ep, it was NeNe Leakes who had issues with Cynthia’s hubby.

Peter has found himself in the middle of more than a few Housewife throwdowns of late. But until now, we’ve always known NeNe to get along famously with the Atlanta businessman. That’s why tonight’s episode took us by surprise when Mrs. Leakes took on her BFF’s man.

During Kenya Moore’s fabulous ball (she would!), NeNe visibly spurns the former Miss USA’s attempt at a reconciliation by refusing to participate in her fundraiser (which was for NeNe’s charity of choice).

Her behavior clearly turns Peter off, and he chooses to leave the event. When Cynthia tracks her husband down and asks him why he ducked out, he explains that he disapproves of NeNe’s actions.

“I don’t agree with what NeNe just did,” Peter says. “ I think that s— is foul.”

NeNe hears Peter expressing his issues, and confronts him on it — and Peter is not backing down. “I think that whatever beef you had with Kenya, this is a charity event… you went up there and everybody felt the tension.”

“Why are you putting this s— on me?” NeNe shouts back at him. Gregg backs her up, pointing out that it was Kenya who was being inappropriate by not extending an invite to NeNe directly.

At first Peter seems to protest, but eventually he gives up on the argument. “I couldn’t give a f—, to be honest with you,” he shrugs.

And he probably shouldn’t care, right? When it comes to disagreements between women, men are better off staying out of it.

And NeNe is on the same page as us: “It doesn’t look good for men to be up in women’s business,” she tells the Bravo cameras. “Why are you even in the conversation, sir?”

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