Credit: STILL

OMG, you guys! NeNe Leakes' super-anticipated spin-off, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, premieres TONIGHT! We are so psyched.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been jumping from one appearance to another to promote her show. Yesterday, she stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to tell the comedian about her second marriage and the two blondes ended up comparing bling.

Credit: STILL

As NeNe explained her reasons for divorcing Gregg in the first place, Ellen stared back at her blankly and admitted, "I can hardly pay attention to you with that ring, I'm sorry."

After taking a closer look at NeNe's engagement ring/wedding band combo, Ellen quipped, "No wonder you're marrying him again."

When NeNe revealed that the jewelry amounted to just over 26 carats, Ellen couldn't help wondering, "How much does something like that cost?" to which NeNe replied, "Look at all your diamonds!"

The always-sarcastic Ellen agreed, exclaiming, "They're so similar, let's hold them up next to each other!," while the audience erupted into laughter.

All jokes aside, though, do you think NeNe's ring is too big? Share your opinions on her outrageous bling in the comments section below!