Credit: NeNe Leakes on Instagram

People can say a lot of things about NeNe Leakes, but they can’t say she isn’t a dedicated mother (and glam-ma!). The Real Housewives of Atlanta mainstay has always been proud of her sons Bryson and Brentt, even when the now papa Bryson (we love you Bri’Asia!) lost his way for a bit. But we haven’t seen her baby boy Brentt in a while, so how’s he doing?

Credit: NeNe Leakes on Instagram

According to a recent Instagram post from NeNe, Brentt is far from the little boy we met six years ago in Season 1. In fact, he’s all grown now! Well, almost… he’s still 15 years old, but boy is he a tall, strapping one!

“My baby @youngkingbrentt is growing up! Playin a game of pool wit friends #myheart #mybabyboy,” NeNe captions the shot.

A lot of followers note that Brentt looks a great bit like NeNe, and we’d have to agree. But he’s definitely got some of dad Gregg in him! Either way, it must be nice to have another guy around the house to help out. And luckily, NeNe still has a few years left with her son until he heads off to college. Cherish these years, lady!

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