Credit: NeNe Leakes on Instagram Photo: NeNe Leakes Shows Off Her Sexy Zumanity Costume

We’ve gotta hand it to the lovely NeNe Leakes for being the most versatile Housewife. Sure, plenty of the ladies have their own liquor lines, songs, and even spin-offs, but how many of Andy Cohen’s gals can say they’re going to be in Cirque du Soleil? As far as we know, that honor belongs to NeNe and NeNe alone!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star will be a part of the acrobatic show, called Zumanity, as the Mistress of Sensuality. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but with NeNe’s Cirque stint set to begin in a matter of days, we’re slowly learning more and more about her unique gig. For one thing, our NeNe is totally killing it in her super sexy costumes.

Credit: NeNe Leakes on Instagram Photo: NeNe Leakes on Stage Rehersing Zumanity

On June 20 NeNe took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of an ensemble that’s sure to make Gregg weak at the knees. “First peek @ #zumanity wardrobe fitting! My team is freaking awesome! U don't wanna miss this show June 27th to July 1st @nynyvegas #iworkwhiletheyplay #richbitch,” she captioned the above photo. In the snap. our favorite glam ma shows off her killer gams thanks to a high slit in her dress. And Mrs. Leakes’ upper body doesn’t look bad either. Gilbert Chagoury, of Chagoury Couture, has designed all of NeNe's custom costumes, and we think he did a bang up job. Mistress of Sensuality indeed!

But NeNe’s Cirque du Soleil gig is about more than just looking fab — it’s hard work as well! On June 21 NeNe headed to a live rehearsal for the show and proved to us that she’s a total natural when it comes to taking control of the stage. “It's a little dark but I just wanted 2 share with u guys! Here i'am n my first live rehearsal 2nite wit the cast of Zumanity! #amazing #richbitch #stayworking #alwaysfabulous June 27th to July 1st @nynyhotel & casino,” she wrote.

Are you psyched for NeNe’s Zumanity gig, or is she better off staying true to her reality TV ways? Tell us what you think below!