Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Reveals Why Old Episodes of RHoA Are “Hard to Watch”

Some people love to look back at the good old days, but NeNe Leakes is not one of those people, at least not when it comes to her past on Real Housewives of Atlanta. During a recent Twitter Q&A session, NeNe revealed that watching Bravo reruns from the first few seasons of RHoA is downright painful for her.

One of her followers wondered if NeNe ever indulged in watching old-school episodes, writing, "Do you ever watch throwback episodes of #rhoa?"

NeNe had no trouble answering her fan with a quick and honest response: "No! They r hard 2 watch.”

During the same tell-all session, NeNe also admitted that she's not always very happy with the way she behaves on the show now either. A different fan asked her, "Do you ever watch the episodes and say omg I can't believe I said that or did that?"

"Alllllll The Time," NeNe responded.

Even though NeNe has a few things to be embarrassed about on Season 6 so far — namely, her somewhat rude speech at Kenya Moore's charity event for Saving Our Daughters — she's come a long way since we first met her in Season 1. Back then, NeNe spent most of her time getting in people's faces and losing her temper faster than you can say "Bloop!"

But, just last week, she was able to walk away from a fight even though Marlo Hampton was totally taunting her. We think she's grown a ton the past six seasons.

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