Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn on Coming Out: “I Want To Live Honestly and Fully”
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Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn on Coming Out: “I Want To Live Honestly and Fully”

After officially coming out as gay in Rolling Stone earlier this week, Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn is ready to talk about what made him decide to go public. Tuesday, Tyler took to the official Neon Trees Facebook to talk about why he never thought he’d tell people about his sexuality — and why he’s so glad he did.

“I never even thought I’d have to come out,” Tyler writes. “I’d be the 50 year old living on a beach somewhere. Maybe then I’d be comfortable with it.”

But while he was writing Neon Trees’ new album, Pop Psychology, Tyler found he couldn’t hide who he was from his music, and making great music means being honest. As a result, much of the LP is about what Tyler went through as he came out to friends and family last October.

“I’m 30. I don’t want to die anymore,” Tyler says. “I really want to live. Honestly and Fully. What an amazing place to be. For me it was a place I never cared about. Now all I want is to be honest.”

And although Tyler’s Mormon faith made him feel as though he would have to hide his true identity forever, he’s found that it is possible to be both gay and true to his belief system, despite the fact that he may face people who disagree. When Tyler made his announcement, he noted that while he’d been taught tolerance at church, he’d still kept his sexuality a secret from a young age. Not anymore!

“Come out as YOU. That’s all I can really say,” Tyler says. “That’s what I’d say to me as 21, the scared return Mormon missionary who knew this part of himself but loved God too. You can do both. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.”

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