How Nerdy Is the Vampire Diaries Cast? Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Say…
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The Vampire Diaries

How Nerdy Is the Vampire Diaries Cast? Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Say…

What are the nerdiest things the Vampire Diaries cast does? Perez Hilton caught up with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley at Comic Con International to ask. What details did they expose about their co-stars?

“Well, we all have our own little weird proclivities and our little weird ‘isms’. I have a lot of them. Paul definitely has a lot of them,” Ian confessed, adding how well the cast knows each other now that they have been together for five years. “You know, it’s just the funny things that you notice about people, particularly on set because it’s very intimate. The way people have their makeup done or the way people like their water. When I sit down, I organize everything in front of me in perfectly symmetrical ways. If it’s too chaotic, my brain goes really nuts. And you start to pick up on all these little oddities.”

Paul got more specific: “Ian has, like, a hyperbaric chamber or something in his house where he, like, rests and does these weird things. He’s very open about it. He really knows a lot more about that stuff than I do,” Paul said. It’s a hyperbaric chamber, Paul. Though a hyperbolic chamber sounds awesome.

“I don’t really have anything for Nina. Kat has a great dog that she brings on boats and puts a life vest on the little dog.” We can vouch for both of those things. We’ve seen photo evidence of both Ian’s hyperbaric chamber and Kat’s dog, in her life vest, reenacting Titanic with Paul. We'd say Paul is the bigger nerd in that situation, though both he and the dog are adorable.

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