New 2016-2017 TV Shows: 5 Trailers Exciting Us Most
New 2016-2017 TV shows, Star, FOX
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New 2016-2017 TV Shows: 5 Trailers Exciting Us Most


It’s time to either get more DVR space or clone yourself: The broadcast networks are unveiling intriguing new TV shows for the 2016-2017 season, and you’ll wanna watch them live.  Here are the trailers piquing our curiosity most.

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This Is Us (NBC)

Whoever thought of starting this trailer with a nude Milo Ventimiglia sexing up Mandy Moore deserves a promotion — but this show doesn’t just rely on ‘00s-era stars baring skin.

In what’s bound to be a touching drama, all the main characters share the same birthday, all lead intertwining lives, and all undergo huge turning points — whether it’s losing a newborn child, struggling with weight issues, or quitting a hit TV show.

And the show could be a bona fide hit. As Deadline reports, the trailer for This Is Us has already broken the record for Facebook views for a trailer of a new TV show during upfronts week, logging 15 million views in just 48 hours. (Now it’s already up to 19 million.)

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Making History (FOX)

Much to his befuddlement of his history professor friend, a doofus named Dan has “urgent questions about colonial Massachusetts.” Turns out, he time-travels every weekend (and sometimes on Tuesdays) and needs help triggering the American Revolution in this comedy from the minds behind The Lego Movie.

Together, Dan and his friend Chris meet the founding fathers, cavort with Dan’s 1700s girlfriend (who looks eerily like Upper East Sider Blair Waldorf), and discover how “in the 1700s, ham is pretty much like diamond-covered heroin” and “the past smells like dootie because there’s poop everywhere.”

Star (FOX)

In this musical drama from Empire’s Lee Daniels, a girl named Star just wants to live up to her name. And once she leaves the foster system, she tries to do just that by forming a girl group with her sister and a wealthy friend she met on Instagram.

Their trajectory to fame could either be accelerated or impeded by the adults in their lives, though, who are played by Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz, and Benjamin Bratt.

Frankly, if Queen Latifah took a nap for 42 minutes, we’d watch that show, but Star looks particularly good.

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The Exorcist (FOX)

In this reboot of the classic movie, a (handsome) priest has to decide if a Bible-thumping mother (played by Oscar winner Geena Davis) really is experiencing demonic events — or if she’s just desperate for attention.

As he investigates her supposedly haunted house, though, he realizes she has a case. And the things that go bump in the night seem a lot scarier than a little girl spewing pea soup. We’ll need an old priest and a young priest if we have any hope of this show not giving us nightmares.

Pitch (FOX)

When Ginny Baker steps onto the pitcher’s mound, she makes history — she’s the first female Major League Baseball player. But her first day on the field is a total wash, which only amplifies the scrutiny and sexism facing her. Luckily, the only thing more powerful than her arm is her determination to prove the haters wrong. (And this show gets special points for its handsomely bearded Mark-Paul Gosselaar.)