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Katy Perry’s New Gig: Your Friendly Local Weather Girl? (VIDEO)

Katy Perry already has a song about things being hot and cold (it’s called, uh, “Hot N Cold”) so she would appear to have a fallback career as a weatherperson, right? Welp, maybe not, given that things were a bit rocky for her during her meteorology debut in Australia this week.

Katy is currently on tour Down Under, and she surprised her Aussie fans by reporting the weather at a local news channel. And while she doesn’t exactly have a ton of experience in that field, she was a great sport, giving what was probably the funniest weather report we’ve seen in a long time.

When the news anchor asked if she would help out with the weather, she was immediately game. “Yeah ‘cause I have this nifty wand that all weather reporters use,” Katy quipped, holding out the pointy thing that weather reporters use to gesture at the map.

However, Katy probably could have used a primer on how to pronounce the names of Australia’s major cities. “A few showers for… Carns?” she said while reading the monitor, quickly being informed by the news anchors that Cairns is not pronounced phonetically.

“Showers clearing for Brisbane with a top of 28 where are we, Brisbane?” Katy continued, having trouble finding it on the map. However, she quickly got the hang of things once she realized that the cities were listed clockwise from the top. “I think we’re going in a pattern here,” she said. Nothing gets past her!

And now we’re jealous that she has yet to do the weather in our hometown! She may need to get new business cards that read, “Katy Perry: Pop superstar by day, weather prognosticator by night.”

How do you think Katy was at reading the weather?

03.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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