Selena Gomez Gets Inked — Learn the Tattoo’s Special Meaning! (VIDEO)
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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Gets Inked — Learn the Tattoo’s Special Meaning! (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez went under the needle but before you start hyperventilating, she did not — we repeat, did not — get a creepy angel-esque tat of her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. In fact, she didn’t get ink of anyone, instead opting for a line of Arabic text with a special meaning that might have something to do with the Biebs if, of course, you’re reading into like we are.

The artist behind the ink, Bang Bang McCurdy, chatted up E! Online about his latest famous client (seriously, check out Bang Bang’s Instagram if you want to see more celebs than a Hollywood red carpet). Selena came and got her new body art “about a month ago” alongside a couple of friends,” says Bang Bang, adding, “She had been wanting this one for a while.”

Located on the upper right side of her back, Selena’s tattoo reads “love yourself,” a good message to have at hand when your maybe-lover boy is sitting on the lap of other girls.

“Selena already had it written out how she wanted it,” says Bang Bang, who has also put needle to skin for the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora, and, yes, Justin Bieber. “The tattoo is about four inches,” Bang Bang continues, “and didn’t take too long, probably about 30 to 45 minutes. The longest part is laying it out. We played with it a bit laying it out, until we found the perfect spot.”

The 21-year-old pop star supposedly “flipped out” upon seeing the final product, which is good seeing as it’s permanent and all. She’s already got about five or six other tattoos, Bang Bang says, and has another one in the works for her next visit. Fingers crossed it’s not some matching ink with J. Bieber.

Sources: E! Online, Bang Bang McCurdy on Instagram

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