Selena Gomez

Cops Called to Selena Gomez’s Home After Man Found Trespassing (VIDEO)

Somebody give Selena Gomez a hug! This girl’s had one rough week and it’s not looking to get any easier as we head into the weekend. Cops arrived at the 21-year-old’s home in Calabasas earlier today (April 4) after receiving a call reporting a suspicious person, says TMZ.

A man reportedly jumped the fence at Selena’s abode and was spotted trespassing on the grounds. TMZ has a photo of him being led away in handcuffs.

We don’t know what email got sent out to the crazies of the world, but this isn’t the first unexpected and unwelcome house call Selena’s been paid in the past seven days. Sunday night, a 20-year-old man named Che Cruz was arrested at her house after he too arrived on the grounds without an invite. Even scarier? Che was found hiding in the bathroom of Selena’s guest house. He’s since been sentenced to 45 days in county jail and three years on probation.

It’s probably not quite the housewarming Selena was hoping for upon moving into her new mansion. The former Disney star recently purchased the five-bedroom, 7,200-square foot home for $3 million. You think money like that would also buy you a better security system…

Source: TMZ