Newborn Twins Bathing Mimic Life in the Womb and It’s So Precious (VIDEO)

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Newborn Twins Bathing Mimic Life in the Womb and It’s So Precious (VIDEO)

It must be pretty strange for twins to be born. They’ve been cooped up for an average of eight months with another person in extremely close confines, and if they’re identical, they’ve been even closer, wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. Going from that to being thrust into the cold, harsh world must be quite a shock.

That’s why this French video of newborn twins having a bath is so touching. These siblings clearly enjoy that close feeling of being in the womb. As they bliss out to the peaceful feeling of warm water, they are no doubt remembering how secure and comfortable they felt. It’s heartwarming to see them wrap their tiny limbs around each other like little octopi, even if they do occasionally stick their fingers in each other’s eyes.

The video was created to showcase a new technique for bathing newborns called The Baby Spa, and although it’s lovely to see babies get that nice womb-y feeling, the inventor, Sonia Rochel, says it’s not recommended for parents to try bathing newborns at home.

While it seems lovely that these two cuties will have a lifelong bond with each other, you have to wonder if the larger baby is going to boss the smaller, dark-haired twin around. If our experience with twins is any indication, sometimes it’s good for everyone to have a little space.

11.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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