Credit: Instagram

Rapper 2 Chainz isn't too happy.

The music star was arrested for pot possession in Maryland on February 14, according to TMZ.

The singer was pulled over in a white van which also had six other people in it. He was booked and then released.

However, 2 Chainz is furious about the incident, saying on Twitter that he didn't have any weed on him but only a "grinder," which is a device used to grind up weed in order to smoke it.

"[Damn] police f**kn wit a n**ga," he wrote.

2 Chainz also posted a pic on Instagram of himself posing with two cops at the station, and the rapper was not pleased that the cops apparently asked him for a pic.

"Locked me up and then santed pictures. Smh [shaking my head]," he wrote.

2 Chainz is known for the hit song "No Lie." His debut album hit number one on the charts last summer.

Perhaps police should have a policy of not posing for photos with the people they arrest? Just a thought.

Source: TMZTwitterInstagram