Parker Posey is an Emmy acceptance speech pro. No, the Louie and New Girl guest star has never won a statue, but she’s hilarious as JA,N (Just Act, Naturally), the teacher of a workshop on “the most important part of any actor’s career.”

In a video that could be an excerpt from a Christopher Guest mockumentary, Parker instructs her students on the do’s and don'ts of acceptance speeches.

Do’s: Hold it “like you’ve already owned it”; give a shout-out to Bryan Cranston (even if you don’t know him); pitch a show; speak in gibberish; and cry awkwardly.

Don’ts: Do not appear upset if you lose.

If one of Sunday’s winners looks to be having a heart attack, don’t fret: It’s probably just a play out of JA,N’s book.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Parker Posey Is Hilarious as JA,N, an Emmy Award Acceptance Speech Acting Coach (VIDEO)

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