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Who run the world? Girls Blonds?

Beyonce is featured in two new H&M ads — one where she's in a bikini with long blond hair, and another where she's brunette. Both ads feature the same song. According to AceMetrix research quoted by Ad Age, the ad featuring blond Beyonce scored much better with consumers, and 16 percent of consumers mentioned her by name. The ad featuring Beyonce with long dark hair had lower attention scores and only 7 percent of consumers referenced Beyonce by name.

You have to consider that perhaps the bikini got more attention than the clinging swimsuit, but still. She actually looks more like herself — the Bey we've come to know — with the blond hair. With the long wet black hair she kinda resembles J.Lo or Kim Kardashian. 

Beyonce was also featured as a blond in a new Pepsi ad, so blond Beyonces are clearly having more fun with consumers.

What do you think? Is Bey better blond or brunette — or equally gorgeous either way?

Source: Ad Age


Credit: YouTube Photo: See Beyonce in Sexy Bikini Ad — and Hear Her New Song! (VIDEO)