It looks like there’s no happy ending in sight here.

After dozens of shows across across the four major networks got the axe earlier in the day, news came yesterday evening that ABC favorite Happy Endings had become a casualty of this year’s budget cutting bloodbath.

While things look dire for now, it seems as though there might be a little light on the horizon for the show and its fans.

According to TVLine, the NBC-owned USA Network has expressed interest in picking up Happy Endings, although nothing is set in stone yet. USA had previously saved Vincent D’Onofrio leaning vehicle/criminal procedural Law and Order: Criminal Intent after it came close to cancellation by NBC.

Sources claim that Sony, the studio behind Happy Endings is intent on keeping the show on air and will “fight like hell” to do so.

With support like that, Happy Endings could take as little time to get back on air as Arrested Development.

Source: TVLine