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There are still five people left on Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites — John Cochran, Dawn Meehan, Sherri Biethman, Erik Reichenbach and Eddie Fox.

Tonight (Sunday, May 12), CBS will air the two-hour finale and one-hour reunion show. Jeff Probst shared a teaser with The Hollywood Reporter. “The final episode starts off with a pretty major turn of events that completely changes the way the game will finish.  What I like about this season's final five is that there are at least three who could win in any combination of finalists. Cochran, Eddie and Erik are all legit threats to win if they can just get to the end. Dawn could win with the right people sitting next to her. I think Sherri is an absolute dark horse at this point.” (Poor Sherri. She deserves credit for being an underdog "Fan" who infiltrated that ridiculous not-so stealthy alliance.)

Credit: CBS

According to spoilers, the final three are Cochran, Dawn and Sherri, with Cochran winning. Spoilers have also hinted to something happening to Erik. One spoiler said he quit the game after losing the final immunity challenge, another said he was Medevaced. Considering the finale preview talks about a “medical emergency,” and shows Jeff at camp — at night — talking about how the game has changed, that would hint to the next stage in Erik’s physical breakdown.

But when does Erik leave? If the final episode “starts” with that major turn of events, perhaps Erik doesn’t leave at the final four, as spoilers have said. Maybe Erik goes first and Eddie actually makes it to the final four. (Eddie who did nothing! Won nothing! Never even looked for idols. Never seemed to have a clue who was leaving at Tribal Council.)

But at that point Eddie or Erik or whoever loses immunity and we have the final 3 of Cochran/Dawn/Sherri. Dawn is apparently not the only one brutalized at final Tribal Council, but expect Dawn to take a serious beating. She’s a sensitive lady, maybe too sensitive for Survivor (or Twitter) and certainly too emotional for the big move she made last week. At least she tried.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter