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Some guys just can't wait to settle down.

Rapper Chief Keef, who is 17 years young, is reportedly engaged to music video actress Pretty Mesha, according to Hollywood Life.

He has a child with a 15-year-old ex-girlfriend, who was suing him for child support, according to Z Hip Hop Cleveland.

Chief Keef has had numerous run-ins with the law. In January 2011, was sentenced to house arrest after heroin manufacture and distribution charges.

He was sentenced to home confinement after an incident later that year in which he was pointing a loaded gun at police while resisting arrest. He recently completed a 60-day juvenile detention sentence for discharging a firearm while conducting an interview, which violated his probation.

His debut album was released in December 2012.

We wish these two all the luck in the world. Isn't young love wonderful?

Source: Hollywood LifeZ Hip Hop Cleveland