It's almost summer again, and you know what that means: Alien movies starring Will Smith. Oh, and a new season of Big Brother

CBS is reportedly choosing a brand-new cast for this summer's Big Brother Season 15, meaning we won't be getting any familiar faces, according to Big Brother Network.

Big Brother often brings back contestants from previous seasons, but that appears to not be the case for this year's installment, which premieres in June.

When asked to verify this, all the show's casting director would say is that it's “way too early to comment on this. We still have time to figure things out.” Thanks so much for clearing that up.

So maybe the show is still deciding if it can find a compelling cast of newbies? 

It would certainly be fun to see how a completely new roster of people would play the game. Still, it's also nice to have some returnees.

Tell us: Are you hoping old players come back, or are you excited about the clean slate? 

Source: Big Brother Network