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The Bachelor Season 13’s Melissa Rycroft Strickland is one of the cutest mommies in the whole world, and it helps that her offspring, Ava Grace, is ADORABLE. Naturally, this leads us to believe that Mel and hubby Tye should go ‘head and pop out a few more genetically gifted darlings. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

Credit: Twitter

Melissa spoke to Us Weekly at the 20th Annual Race to Erase MS event in LA on May 3, and it sounds like our baby watch clock can begin right abouuuuuut now. "We're getting closer now [to wanting a second baby]," she says of her next venture.

How exciting! So, how does two-year-old Ava feel about adding a sibling to the clan? Um, about how we would feel if our moms popped out another one. "When we ask Ava [if she wants a sibling], she says no. Is she ever going to give us a yes? She's so spoiled. She doesn't want to share it." You gotta protect what’s yours, Ave.

And even though Mel and Tye are almost out of those rumored terrible twos, they’re down to start over. Because, as it turns out, they’re nuts. "Toddler years are the best ever! Totally beats the whole newborn thing — she's so fun now!" Um, thanks, we guess...

Although she can’t wait for more little nuggets, Melissa and Tye are enjoying their lives exactly as they are for now. Her favorite way to spend a day? "Quality time, just the three of us. We have to fight for that now with careers and the older she gets." True that, sistah friend. If we had a kid that cute the parents would demand we bring it back we would want to spend every moment taking pics of her little grin.

"I would just love an entire day where we can go to breakfast, go to a movie, go have a picnic and just hang out the three of us." Weird, sounds like our ideal day. Reality stars — they’re just like us!

Source: Us Weekly