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In Rebel Wilson's new sitcom on ABC, Super Fun Night, three nerdy friends decide to start actually leaving the house on Friday nights — and things get predictably awkward.

Take, for example, this trailer for the show. We had heard that Rebel loses some clothes in the first episode, but we weren't prepared for the full glory of the scene in the trailer!

In addition to almost ripping her skirt clean off and maybe giving herself an "exotic piercing" with a stapler in an attempt to fix it, Rebel, in a tight, clubwear dress, has a much more obvious wardrobe malfunction.

In an awkward moment when a friend tries to grab a hold of her, and she rips her dress clean off, revealing an even more awkward attempt at sexy lingerie. Without giving too much away, it's pink, it's electric, and it blinks.

Ready to see Rebel freeze her bum off in a teeny-tiny lingerie set on a busy, city street? Check out the hilarious trailer below!

What do you think? Is it hilarious? Will you be tuning into Super Fun Night this fall?


Credit: ETOnline via 5min Photo: Rebel Wilson: New ABC Show Is “Anti-Sex and the City”