Chris Pine recently revealed his penchant for crying, but if that wasn’t enough to make women want to cuddle him like a puppy with a boo boo, he’s back on his press tour of cuteness talking about what he’s looking for in a girl, and it’s not necessarily what you’d expect.

The Star Trek Into Darkness star, who recently split with model Dominique Piek, may have a history of dating gorgeous women, but as he revealed to Ellen in a clip that will air on today’s show, looks aren’t at the top of his list when it comes to seeking a partner.

“I think [I’m looking for] anything that any normal man would be looking for,” he revealed. “Intelligence, and beauty, and a sense of humor.”

“You have to be able to carry a conversation. After the initial attraction dies down, the lust dies down, there has to be the thing that engages you, and that is intelligence and humor.”

Source: ET Online


Credit: ET Online Photo: Chris Pine Opens Up About His Ideal Woman on Ellen