Credit: Brian Bowan Smith Photo: Miley Cyrus in Maxim Hot 100

Miley Cyrus doesn't think she's the hottest woman in the world. Voters gave her the top spot on Maxim's Hot 100 List, but on the red carpet at Maxim's party, HollywoodLife asked Miley for her vote for number one. “I think Rihanna. She is so sexy!”

Rihanna actually took #3 on Maxim’s list, after Selena Gomez at #2, so … sorry Selena! You’re not part of this sexy equation at all.

Miley also talked about scooping Maxim on the big news, by tweeting her excitement at being named #1. “My first reaction was to go straight to Twitter but I had to keep my paws off my phone,” Miley told HL. “I think I announced it four days earlier by accident, but it was all because I was so excited.”

So never tell Miley anything in advance! She’ll not a good secret keeper. But she is the #1 hottie, so Rihanna will just have to start campaigning for 2014.

Source: HollywoodLife